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Building the future of healthcare in India

Height-weight ratio, BMI, calorie count, carbs content, gluten. It’s a never ending list of complicated terms. But our belief is simple: Everyone deserves to be healthy. Simple preventive measures like nutritious food, regular exercise, sound sleep and discipline pay off big time. Adding amazing years to life and dramatically reducing chances of curative healthcare. So that you are fit to live out your best story.

Great technology solves everything

Smart minds will frame any problem into an algorithm. AI will rapidly crunch it. Genome research will drive evolution. And that’s how healthcare will transform at a global level in the next decade. Right now, we are at an inflection point like never before. Excited to explore unimagined frontiers in health-tech. And make India a stronger, fitter nation.

When a team is stellar, work is play

If you are passionate about math and DNA, science and psychology, problems and imagination. If you are driven to make an impact on the world. Then we have the perfect space and opportunities for you. We give you complete autonomy over your work and of course, a healthy dose of endorphins with an exhilarating mix of workout styles and sports activities. So you get to walk the talk :)

If you can decode this, together we can build the future of health.

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